How To Keep Consistent Sales

Well, hello there beautiful faces I'm back on the blog, but not as i promised I would.  I got so busy with the business, shopping for inventory, photo shoots, rack sales, pop up events, and a whole lot of everything and blogging was not on my brain.  

But, it's time I get my bootay back to blogging to give you all the behind the scenes updates on Fashion Reboot.  So, what' been going on since my last blog? Whew! honey boom! so much has been going on and I'm still going. 

Here is a quick dumpy dump of what's been happening. 

Sales were popping fast and big in 2022, so I was busy packing and shipping orders.  But, then sales stop popping and starting dropping and dropping until I was getting no sales at one point in my business.  I'm like what is going on? Where did this drought come from? I had to go back to the drawing board and strategize on how to drive sales mainly to my website.  My reseller platforms were doing ok, but not like before.  

What I realized that because I wasn't listing daily on my platforms,  the algorithm slow down my reseller platforms.  Now, my website is a different issue, since its hosted by Shopify, its my responsibility to drive traffic to my website.  I have been struggling since the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2022 to push traffic to my website to increase sales.  I am still focusing on marketing campaigns to assist with receiving traffic to the website 

I want to be transparent as possible, that operating any business is not always going to be up it definitely has its down moments.  Currently, my sales are ok on all my platforms, but I'm going to stay focus, and crack the code of getting consistent sales. 

Tune in next week for Reboot Recharge.


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