I never thought I could  make a living from reselling

I never thought I could make a living from reselling

Hey beautiful faces it's me Sunnie and its time for a blog. 

I have been a reseller, treasure hunting by shopping at thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, private collectors or my family and friends closets that's decluttering to make room. I buy vintage, retro or designer brands at a low price and sell high or at a reasonable price. 

Although my goal was to find great treasures to either keep or sell and most of the time to sell.  But never in my wildest dreams I thought I could make a living from reselling the unique items that I purchased. Yesolutely! I make great money reselling and since the pandemic I have taken what I enjoy doing (shopping) and made it into a fulltime business. 

In 2014 I created a Poshmark closet to post a few items to sell and of course to shop.  I sold a few items and didn't think anything of it and didn't post items consistently.   But that pandemic, that COVID-19, that global shutdown put me in a different mindset of what was happening in the world. We were living in a virtual world, we had become the Jetsons. Our jobs became virtual, the schools and universities were held online and ZOOM became our new world. 

Let me wrap this blog up by saying, I went back on Poshmark and started listing clothes that I had in my storage and in my closet I no longer wore and they were selling like Jordan's Sneakers.  That's when I realized people were shopping like crazy online and I needed to take this serious and I did. I was listing items everyday on Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Kidizen and Facebook Market Place and was making $100 - $350 a day from each reselling platform. 

I created a LLC, received my EIN, rented a larger storage unit and organized it like a boutique then created my website and launched https://fashionreboot.store. I have been going super strong full time and full speed as an incorporated business since January 2021 and its been Fabmazing. Its been six hard working months and I'm taking every win that I receive from big sales, to small sales, low sales to no sales I'm grateful for it all. 

My next step is an ebay account. Stay tuned. 

Have a Sunnie Day. 



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