Four Reasons to Thrift Shop

Heyyy beautiful faces..... Its me Sunnie and I know its been a super long time since my last blog. But I promise to you all that I will commit myself to post weekly blogs moving forward about thrifting, fashion, my reselling business and other informative content regarding business, fashion and lifestyle.  

So, everyone that knows me knows  that I love shopping at thrift stores whether its Goodwill, Salvation Army, mom and pop thrifts or yard sales.  I have always been a thrift girl way before my son was born and he turned 31 on April 1, 2022.  I would go thrifting with my favorite girl in the world (Lillian my mom who physically transitioned 19 years now, but spiritually she's still shopping with me.)

I never would have thought thrift shopping would become so mainstream. I remember when people used to say it was gross to shop there or you're poor if you shop at the thrift store.

Them: Why would you wear someone else's used clothes?

Me: Because they have character, style and a story to tell from the era of fashion.  

I would shop for unique pieces and style my looks so differently, people would shower me with compliments. And when they asked 'where did you purchase your outfit?" I would gladly tell them THE THRIFT STORE! 


So if you're contemplating about joining this wave of thrift shopping, put on your life jacket cause I'm going to take you on a deep dive with four reasons why you should. 



Saving mother Earth by buying used items to avoid trash piles of unwanted clothing in the landfills polluting the air that we breathe.  



When you go treasure hunting at vintage or thrift stores remember you are on the hunt to find a treasure.  You never know what you may find when you're thrifting. I found a vintage two piece wool dress and fur coat made in Italy for $20. I did the research and its worth $1400. You have to go through the rummage to find the diamond and I almost always do. (model: Ashlea Stringfellow)


I'm sure everybody doesn't thrift shop but I have a circle of family and friends that do. I plan thrift tours to different stores in local cities and we create a convoy and go to each store for 45mins to shop, eat then show and tell what we purchased and how much we spent. I love it! Grab your besties and make it a girls shopping day on a budget. (Me-front seat, my sister Eve -driver and longtime friend Adriane)


My love for thrifting has become a full-time business by reselling the treasures I find on my thrift hunts.  I started selling the clothes in 2015 by doing small rack sales, and fashion events but nothing too serious.  But when the Pandemic shut down the world in 2020, I decided to revamp my love for thrifting and created a reselling business in January 2021 and Fashion Reboot, LLC was born. 

Its been a year and its going well.  I sell my inventory on my website, and other reselling platforms like Poshmark, Mercari and Depop under Fashion Reboot. I also continue to conduct private rack parties and set-up as a vendor at selective pop-up shop events. 

Its a very lucrative business and some resellers are profiting six figure salaries reselling pre-owned clothing. (Me in my storage unit organizing my inventory and a photo of sales to ship)

Well, this completes my four reasons to shop at the thrift store. Leave me a comment letting me know your reasons why you shop at the thrift store. And for those who are still contemplating to thrift shop its totally ok if you opt out, because honestly, if you don't that leaves more for me. 

Have a Sunnie Day. 




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