What is a Reselling Business?

Hey beautiful faces! Its me Sunnie and I have been getting so many questions about reselling.  The main question is What is Reselling? 

A  reselling business is reselling pre-owned items online or in person locally.  Overall a reselling business contains of you listing your pre-owned inventory online for sale for a higher price than what you paid for the item.  Buy low sell high!

There are so many successful resellers out there making six figure salaries from their reselling business. Honestly, its not that difficult to start your very own reselling business.  Its so simple it would be an excuse to say you are unable to try it.  All it takes is a niche of products that you will be selling and by applying the magic word. CONSISTENCY! 

I have five(5) steps to get you started. 

Decide what you want to sell

Fashion: A specific category of fashion, vintage, name brands, men, women or kids, etc. 

Home goods: Antique or vintage furniture, vessels, vases, art work, rugs, pillows etc. 

Electronics & Toys: Current and vintage items like Walkman, PlayStation, Pokémon, my little pony, stuff animals etc.   

Hardware: Tools, lawnmowers, car parts etc. 


Where to sell your inventory 

When you have chose your niche then you need to find the reselling platform that works for your niche. Be mindful that most reseller platforms charges up to 20% fees for selling on their platform. Below I listed the platforms with * that I sell my items on. 

*To avoid fees you can create your personal website - But you'll have to drive traffic to your website. 

*Depop shoppers are GEN Z who look for retro and vintage aesthetics  

Ebay you can sell everything to everybody 

*Mercari is big on fashion but have created other categories similar to Ebay 

*Poshmark is huge on fashion but also cater to other categories as well.  

*Pop-up shops or private rack sales is another way to make sales by paying for a vendor fee setting up your inventory for sale at the event. 

Buy the right inventory for profit

Make sure you buy the pre-owned items that will give you a big profit.  Source for high demand brands like Nike, Tory Burch, Rag &Bone, Adidas, J. Crew, Patagonia and more.  Research the category items that are vintage or classic for profit details. 

Business tools 

Computer or laptop, Camera or a great camera phone, printer or label printer, hangers, bins, racks, wrapping paper, shipping supplies, scale, tape, etc. 


Shipping Station 

An organized area to pack and ship your items from your inventory system. Oh, yes you definitely need an inventory system. 

I hope these tips are helpful to you on your new journey starting your reselling business.

Good luck. 

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